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i. 用be动词的正确形式填空。

1. not only the students but also their teacher ________ going to see a film tomorrow.

2. each boy and girl in our class ________ praised by our headmaster at the meeting last monday.

3. the smiths ________ going to buy a house when they’ve saved enough money.

4. 100 dollars ________ enough for all my expenses at that time.

5. either you or one of your students ________ to attend the meeting that is due tomorrow.

6. for now, all we need ________ a chance to get on with the job.

7. about 40 percent of the students ________ admitted to the college in that school last year.

8. there ________ nobody in the house when i arrived.

9. a survey of the opinions of experts shows that three hours of outdoor exercise a week ________ good for one’s health.

10. the company had about 20 notebook computers but only one-third ________ used regularly. now we have 60 working all day long.

ii. 选用括号内合适的情态动词填空。

1. sir, you ________ (wouldn’t, mustn’t) sit in this waiting room. it is for women and children only.

2. there’s someone outside, but it ________ (can’t, needn’t) be tony. he is in new york now.

3. anything is possible. jan ________ (should, may) have decided to visit someone on her way home.

4. joe was pleased when he realized he ________ (needn’t, shouldn’t) pay for tickets for the match because they were free for students.

5. you ________ (shouldn’t, mustn’t) have left without apologising, you know. you really hurt her feelings.

6. i ________ (should, must) have studied last night, but i went out to appreciate the night view of our city instead.

7. —i sent lily several text messages, but she didn’t answer.

—she ________ (would, might) still be angry with you, but i’m not quite sure.

8. —you ________ (mustn’t, couldn’t) have moved so heavy a box upstairs on your own, right?

—oh, my friend howard lent me a hand.

9. —there are no tickets available for friday’s music performance.

—what a pity! we ________ (must, ought to) have booked some online in advance.

10. —will you read me a story, mummy?

—ok. you ________ (need, shall) have one if you go to bed as soon as possible.

iii. 用括号内动词的正确形式填空。

1. mrs smith was glad to see her baby ________ (take) good care of in the nursery.

2. jack was quite ________ (amaze) that the man’s suitcase remained well-locked, but the money in it was stolen.

3. the girl ________ (dress) in red won first prize in the english speaking contest.

4. ________ (regard) as a global drink, tea sells quite well all over the world.

5. jason has done everything ________ (plan) for today.

6. when ________ (ask) what he was going to be, the boy said that he wanted to be a scientist in the future.

7. ________ (translate) into english, the sentence was found to have an entirely different word order.

8. mike is sweeping the ________ (break) glasses from the floor.

9. i was ________ (surprise) to learn, according to their policy, that i would get the product for free as a reward.

10. ________ (give) the right kind of training, these teenage soccer players may one day grow into international stars.

iv. 用适当的连接词填空。

1. —what did your teacher say to you just now?

—she asked ________ i had gone during the summer holidays.

2. it is a pity ________ tim hasn’t been able to make any friends.

3. ________ was most important to her, the mother told me, was her only son.

4. many teachers cannot figure out ________ such a good student became a failure.

5. ________ sofia passes the class or not depends on her grade on the final essay.

6. have you ever noticed ________ much of the potato is wasted when you remove the skin?

7. if you had told us earlier ________ he was, we could have introduced him at the meeting.

8. knowledge, ability, and a good character are ________ we should try to get as we grow up.

9. unfortunately the instructions were ambiguous and we didn’t know ________ part of the program to run.

10. she wasn’t sure ________ the native americans began their migration. maybe it happened in the 16th century.

v. 用适当的关系词填空。

1. the reason ________ he gave for being late was that he overslept this morning.

2. i’m afraid he’s more of a talker than a doer, ________ is why he never finishes anything.

3. happiness and success often come to those ________ are good at recognizing their own strengths.

4. the science museum, ________ we visited during a recent trip to britain, is one of london’s tourist attractions.

5. at the party full of strangers, he couldn’t find a person with ________ he could talk.

6. it was an exciting moment for these football fans this year, ________ their team won the world cup.

7. after graduation, he went to work in a country ________ culture was quite different from that of his motherland.

8. as time goes by, i always think of the happy memories and persons ________ cannot be easily forgotten in my high school.

9. the actor has developed a unique style of acting over the years, ________ makes him very popular in hollywood.

10. many graduates prefer to work in a business ________ they can gain great self-development.

vi. 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

in 1901, the citizens of colorado springs in the usa decided to collect everyday items and to seal them in a steel box. the box 1. ________ (mark) “to be opened after midnight, december 31st, ad 2000”, and was stored in the colorado college library.

one hundred years later, on the 2. ________ (appoint) day, 300 people gathered to watch the 3. ________ (open) of the box. many in the crowd were the descendants of people who 4. ________ (place) things inside the box.

when the box was opened after midnight, the contents 5. ________ (be) in very good condition. there 6. ________ (be) newspapers, photographs, diaries, name cards, family trees, books and dozens of letters, 7. ________ (include) one written by theodore roosevelt, 8. ________ became the president of the usa later that year.

many of the letters were addressed to their descendants. they described the hopes 9. ________ the people of 1901 had for the people of the next century. at that time, colorado springs had just a few thousand residents. now nearly half a million people live there.

colorado college library has scanned the materials and put them on a website. cecil muller, 10. ________ grandfather had placed a collection of postcards in the box, said that the time capsule was a great treasure. “this is a wonderful educational resource. we can learn so much about our history,” he said.

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